Ruth Baker


Manual of Me.

I've created my own 'user manual' to help you discover more about me. I used Manual of Me for inspiration; it's a tool to create a handy guide on how you work, for sharing with others.

🔑 Key facts:

💡 I'm an early career developer, employed as a Junior Software Engineer.

☕️ The main coding language I use for my job is Java.

🎓 I'm a bootcamp grad, specifically a Makers Fellow Alumna.

👋🏻 Introducing me...

The thing that fills me with passion and energy to get cracking in the morning, is knowing what I need to achieve next and how I can get started.

What motivates me to come into work each day is knowing I have support from my team, and we can all have a productive and stress-free day.

A good way to socialise with me would be in a quiet cafe. I don't enjoy standing in a crowded pub, but I love a good pub quiz.

🌱 Levelling up

The best way to give me feedback is with specific examples rather than general observations. I prefer to be asked for input than given solutions.

I like coaches to assume that I have little knowledge but infinite intelligence.

One thing I love about pair programming is collaboration, I find talking through a process rewarding, although it's also exhausting, so time to recharge is important for me, too.

🌏 Working Remotely

I'm happy to jump on a video call at work, just DM me a heads-up first or book something in the calendar.

To help make working from home more enjoyable, I keep my workstation clear and tidy and schedule regular breaks to stretch and move in my daily agenda.

One of my new lockdown habits is feeding Pepper the cat after morning stand up. She gets half her breakfast before work from my partner, and the rest in an exercise ball from me.

🚀 Exploring the Future

My main career goal is to be a great developer! I've been a manager before, but right now I want to concentrate on code instead of leading a team.

In an ideal future, I'd be able to work less. It would be easy for my team to be productive, because we can commit changes safely and quickly.

One goal I am working towards is becoming more fluent in Java. I want to level-up by using my skills to help teach other people to code.