Ruth Baker


I'm a software developer. I’m looking for roles where I can build great software, and work with friendly engineers. I value knowledge sharing & collaboration. Happy working hybrid/London UK, or remote.

My values.


Accessibility is a core principle when creating software. My digital community values diversity, collaboration, openness and reflection. Its developers build relevant, satisfying software that's easy for everyone to use.

Ruth Baker

To show my support for an open web for everyone, I signed the World Wide Web Foundation's Contract for the Web.

I'm a Green Software practitioner and a Green Software Foundation community member. Working towards best practises for people, standards, and tooling, when building software.

I abide by the principles stated in the Manifesto for Responsible Software Development.

I volunteer for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as a Bee Walker. The Trust coordinates a citizen science project where non-scientists (like me!) collect data on bee species numbers throughout the UK. Taking part gives me the opportunity to explore the wildlife where I live.

Ruth Baker

Before I became a developer, I had a decade-long career in STEM publishing. I worked as an operations team lead, and a project coordinator for print and digital products. I have also taught dance, performing in London and New York.

My projects.


My community.


“Ruth has a solid knowledge of Java and its API and helped me solve the problem in a better way.”

—FabioBentoLuiz, Exercism student
Women in Software Awards 2023. I've been nominated for the WIS PowerList

“I enjoy breaking problems down, getting to the bottom of an issue and figuring out a way to solve it.”

Meet Ruth Baker, Makers Academy 2021

“Ruthmoog's mentoring sure helped me improve my code quality. She provided a great insight to the solution.”

—Yash-devasp, Exercism student

Makers Fellow 2019

“Part of the ethos of being a developer is sharing, and coaching is part of that.”

—Ruth Baker, Codebar Stories

“An indispensable provider of information and problem-solving ability for me.”

—Catherine Potenski, Scientific Editor BMC

DEV moderator, Trusted User