Ruth Baker

Hi, I'm Ruth and I make software.

I'm a software engineer with training and experience in Java, Ruby and JavaScript, pair programming, Agile, XP Values, and self-directed learning - as a life-long learner I can put my head to anything! With a love of open-source and accessibility, I want to build great software, and work with the best engineers in forward thinking teams. I live in the UK with a cat named Pepper and a partner who goes by quii.

I'm an engineer with Alfa, working mainly with Java. I'm active in Alfa's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, including the Environmental Impact Team.

In May 2019 I was awarded a fellowship at Makers.

For everyone.

I believe in accessibility as a core principle when creating software, and this is something I keep in mind as I code. My digital community values diversity, collaboration, openness and reflection; its developers build relevant, satisfying software that's easy for everyone to use.

On the web's 30th birthday, to demonstrate my support of the principles for an open web for everyone I signed the World Wide Web Foundation's Contract for the Web. In my capacity as a professional developer, I promise to abide by the ethical principles stated in the Manifesto for Responsible Software Development.

Bringing work to life.

I volunteer for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as a Bee Walker. The Trust coordinates a citizen science project where non-scientists (like me!) collect data on the abundance of bee species throughout the UK. Taking part gives me the opportunity to explore the wildlife where I live and identify beautiful chunky bees! My enthusiasm for bumblebees has inspired programs and websites. By joining my passions I can bring my work to life.

Interested in bumblebee conservation? Find out how to get involved.

More than a developer.

Before I became a developer, I worked in STEM publishing as an operations team lead, and a project coordinator for print and digital products. Throughout my decade-long career with major publishing groups, I remained committed to quality and function. My experience makes me more than a developer, with a strong background outside of technology.